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Episode 88

theStudio 088: New Year's Floats

SloArch News

  • New Facebook Fans
    • Arif Kartal
    • Nuno Varela
    • Carlos Nava

Cal Poly News

COOOOL MOW (material of the week)

  • AGT - Ambient Glow Technology - blend of non-shrinking, extremely hard polyester resin and photoluminescent pigment.
    • Exhibiting extremely high luminosity, AGT was specifically formulated for use in decorative concrete, concrete, stucco, plasters, cementitious overlays, terrazzo, and epoxy applications. AGT aggregates produce an unusual ambient light source, enhancing safety in low light level conditions for over 12 hours after exposure to sunlight for only 10 minutes. The application of AGT in exterior landscaping projects can actually reduce the need for electrically-powered lighting by up to 70% per evening. AGT’s daylight or ‘native’ color is off-white, and afterglow colors are available in yellow-green, aqua blue and sky blue.

General News

Notable Quotes

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Production Information

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