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Episode 89

theStudio 089: The Great Reunion


SloArch News

Cal Poly News

  • Clayton Taylor and Jai Kumaran co-edit book
    • Clayton (Clay) Taylor (B.Arch 2009) and Jai Kumaran (B.Arch 2009) co-edited the forthcoming book "Culture Now: Midsize America" with Karen Lorhman and Thom Mayne which re-caps the 2010-2011 UCLA Suprastudio research.
    • Both Clay and Jai received their M.Arch II from UCLA in 2011 and are currently working as Project Designers at Morphosis Architects in Culver City, CA.
    • For additional information go to UCLASuprastudio

COOOOL MOW (material of the week)

  • GKD Metal fabrics
    • Decorative and functional, Woven metal fabrics may be used as partition elements, projection screens, and acoustic scrims appropriate for public buildings, opera houses and concert halls.

General News

Rapid Fire Questions: (We didn’t do this last time!)

  • Cal Poly or Berkeley? (A) Berkeley (E) Cal Poly SLO (K) Cal Poly SLO(S) Cal Poly SLO
  • Autocad or Revit? (A) I have no idea (E) Revit (K) CAD (S) CAD
  • Parallel bar or T-Square? (A) no idea what that even is (E) T-square (K) Parallel bar (S) Parallel bar
  • Facebook or LinkedIn? (A) both (E) Facebook (K) both for different reasons (S) Facebook
  • Arch Record, Arch Digest, or Architect? (A) Digest (E) Architect (K) Record (S) DWELL
  • Drafting dots or tape? (A) dont’ know (E) dots (K) tape (S) tape
  • Yellow trace or white? (A) still don’t know (E) white (K) white (S) yellow cause they were out of white
  • Ad Markers or Prisma? (A) prisma (E) prisma (K) prisma (S) Ad
  • Pen or Pencil? (A) pen (E) pen (K) pencil (S) pen
  • Mac or PC? (A) PC (E) PC (K) Mac (S) Mac
  • What's the Meaning of Life? (A) happiness (E) love (K) I knew it but then I forgot (S) she made me promise not to tell

SCORE: (A) (E) (K) (S) = combine score: 17


Episode 17 Recap

  • Recorded on April 23rd, 2010
    • We had less than 25 fans on FB, now we have 184!
    • Elise did a great job, she took the reins and let a great conversation
    • I predicted that Baroque architecture was the next big thing
    • Haley wasn’t on the show, she was house sitting
    • Friday before the show I got my CSE passing letter and my architecture license!
    • Seth finished with IDP, Kelli still had some to go. They’ve both just started taking their exams

General Discussion

  • We talked a bit about marketing and PR, have any of those gorilla marketing ideas helped?
    • expanded network has helped and many of the suggestions from Alaina really helped
    • Seth and Kelli are now expecting a baby girl in April!! SO things have changed a lot in the past few years
  • Has social marketing become a bigger part of your business?
    • publications and using the vehicles to expand their network has been a great
  • Alaina really promoted Linkd-In, has that become a bigger part of your business?
    • They have one but haven’t used it as much as Facebook
  • Atelier KS is in Google Local Search but no reviews :(
  • Alaina suggested finding good mentors, have you reached out to anyone in the last year?
    • it’s a huge part of how they’ve been able to continue running their firm, they’re always someone to reach out to that can serve as an expert or share their knowledge on a topic
    • they’ve found great mentors in another husband-wife team with House and House
    • and now, adding a baby to the mix into everything!!
  • Long term visions and goals
    • Currently focusing energies on respective talents and balancing it with life and family
    • Working together is always part of the vision
    • Expanding and staffing isn’t something they want for the time being as they don’t want to become staff managers, maybe take on a drafter at some point
    • Client and contractor relations is their focus as they juggle multiple projects at once
    • They both still want to get their license
  • Elise’s pro-bono projects and updates
    • Finished that project then jumped into grad school, getting MBA at Chapman
    • Plan was to organize classmates to do a project at the end of her Masters program but doing it first instead!
      • Chapman MBA community outreach project will go on after her class
      • in the process of establishing a non-profit
    • plan to go back to licensing process after school and return back to architecture
    • loves being part of the team and thrives more in a collaborative environment
  • Alaina mentioned, did you ever make your lamp Elise?
    • no, what lamp!!
  • Alaina is rockin and rollin!
    • has worked on business plans, worked with banks and angle investors to help start up entrepreneurs
    • using private money as well
  • Aliana turns the tables on us and has amazing links and great free business advice:
    • what exactly are the hardships facing our industry:
      • the general poor construction economy
      • housing bubble
      • no building = no jobs
      • it’s builders and architects alike
      • but things are maybe turning around
    • are there opportunities for architects to make money using their knowledge and talents in other areas
    • take an inventory of your skills, ask your friends what you excel at
    • then look at business models to see how you might use your skills appropriately
  • “We love what we do”, is that still true? YES!

Alaina’s Links

The Post Show

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