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Episode 96

theStudio 096: Pants Optional

SloArch News

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Cal Poly News

COOOOL MOW (material of the week)

  • Coco Tile
    • Made from reclaimed coconut shells, low-VOC resins and sustainably-harvested wood backer material, Kirei Coco Tiles may be used as decorative tiles or panels both horizontally and vertically. Featuring multiple pattern and color combinations and available in light, dark and mixed textures, the coconut shell tiles create a variety of surfaces and enhance the sustainable material palette in residential, commercial, and hospitality applications.

Discussion Point

General News

Rapid Fire Questions:

  • Cal Poly or Berkeley?
    • Cal Poly
  • Autocad or Revit?
    • Revit
  • Parallel bar or T-Square?
    • T-square
  • Facebook or G+?
    • Real Life!
  • Arch Record, Arch Digest, or Architect?
    • Record
  • Drafting dots or tape?
    • Dots
  • Yellow trace or white?
    • Yellow
  • Ad Markers or Prisma?
    • Prisma
  • Pen or Pencil?
    • Pen
  • Mac or PC?
    • PC
  • What's the Meaning of Life?
    • Happiness

SCORE: 1,000,142.40527


  • What have you been up to since graduation?
    • B.Arch 2008 and minor in CM
    • Started working for a small mulit-family residential firm in San Francisco right after Graduation in 2008
    • Laid off in 2010 after making it through some downsizing in the muli-family housing sector
    • Started the hunt for the next job, lessons learned from past employer, honing skills to make him employable
    • Worked in retail and TI next - not the right fit
    • Then moved on to working with Starbucks and their internal Design Team
      • THIS IS WHY HE CAN FINALLY COME ON THE SHOW!!! He’s happy and proud of what he’s doing so he felt ready to come on the show and talk about the journey
  • What are your plans for the future?
    • Working on getting his license!!! He’s ⅜ of the way done!!!!!
    • After being with Starbucks for 10 years, he’ll get to take a 1 year sabbatical
  • What’s it like working for Starbucks
    • Continuing to Develop materials being used
    • Starbucks Concept stores
    • “The Third Place” concept - considering the user and the mobile office
    • Taking into consideration the tasks being done at the store
    • Bottom line: IT’S FUN!
  • What advice would you give to current Cal Poly Architecture students?
    • Make the most of any situation that you’re in
    • Surround yourself with good people
    • Take some computer science classes
      • you’ll gain skills that can be applied across all the technology that you’ll be using
    • Knowing what your tools are and how they do the things they do
  • What about advice to those stuck in a firm they’re unhappy at?
    • The jobs are coming back, update your resume and get out there
    • It won’t come knocking at your door
  • Plugs:
    • STARBUCKS (He only works at Starbucks in Northern California so Haley’s out of luck!)
    • Txoko (he and a Cal Poly classmate did the lighting)

Notable Quotes

  • "Notable remark or comment."
    • -- Person @ MP3 time code

Production Information

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