The Studio 1: An Introduction

by Tim Alatorre

Merry Christmas! Our present to you this year is a shiny new podcast dedicated to Cal Poly Architecture students and alumni.

Tim Alatorre, LEED AP joins with Haley Gipe, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP to kick off the first episode of what is destined to be the most talked about weekly netcast in building 5.

In this episode:

  • We introduce ourselves and why we are doing the show.
  • The goal is to talk Architecture with our friends in a more in depth manner than just poking each other on Facebook.
  • Haley discusses how she got involved with the AIA and discusses how she ended up on page 122 of the 2009 December issue of the Architectural Record. She and Tegan Andres are the new face of the AIA! AIAB081406
  • The emerging Architect is looking for ways to stand out and move the profession forward.
  • Technology allows us to connect and gain more experience than prior generations.
  • There are firm leaders that don’t even use computers.
  • Things are advancing at a rapid pace and the emerging professions are going to have to deal with an ever changing profession.
  • We talk about the benefits of technology versus the “old” way of doing things.
  • Cal Poly architecture program ranked third best undergraduate program in the nation by Design Intelligence ( archschools /schools.html). We’re the best in California!
  • We discuss how there isn’t a venue for Cal Poly Architecture alum to connect, and discuss the Connections magazine where we learn that Tim is really bad at pronouncing names.
  • Haley is mentioned in the CalPoly Architecture student news ( for her IDP changes report ( Did she really graduate in 2007?
  • What does Haley do to survive job cuts?
  • Haley talks about starting an IDP program in her firm.
  • School and hospital work has been more stable this year, but it comes down to luck.
  • CalPoly grads will save the economy!
  • Contact us with your stories about the workplace. Why are you still working? Let us know what you think.
  • Exciting mystery guest next week!

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Tim Alatorre