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Revit Families 103 – Formula Basics

by Tim Alatorre

  Update: 4/12/11 for Revit 2012 and added more examples. I love formulas, they let you do some really fun things. The formula I mentioned in my last post calculates the overall width of a family taking into account if the family has one or two loops toggled to be visible. Formulas let you create…

Revit Families 302 – Naming and Grouping Parameters

by Tim Alatorre

I started a post a couple weeks ago on tips for creating families in Revit but I didn’t get very far. Our friends over at Inside the Factory are more disciplined bloggers than I and beat me to it. Erik Egbertson put together a great post of Family Editor Tips. He talks about flexing a family, placing…

Revit Families 301 – The Struggle of the BIM Manager

by Tim Alatorre

Okay folks, this is a 300 series course. We’re not messing around anymore. Families are one of the most powerful and dangerous things in Revit and I think they deserve some discussion. One of the greatest challenges I have as a BIM manager is the management of Revit Families. I’ve tried a number of different…

Revit Mental Ray Renderings in Design Development

by Tim Alatorre

In the “old” days of architecture, the Architect, a skilled artist in his own right, would sketch a perspective view of a room or the building as a whole early on in design process. As the concepts and visions evolved these sketches were revised or redrawn numerous times. This combined with a mountain of floor…