Archive for: June, 2009

LEED Study Aids

by Tim Alatorre

A number of my colleges are cramming for the LEED exam. Now that LEED v3.0 is here I’m sure there are a number of people trying to sneak in under the old LEED v2.0 test. I thought I’d post a few of my favorite LEED study resources on the net. Even if you aren’t studying…

In Defence of Green Roofs

by Tim Alatorre

Lloyd Alter, of TreeHugger, posted a great slide show today titled Green Roofs are Changing Architecture and Planning. In 15 slides he gives a great overview of green roofs yesterday and today. His thesis is summarized on the last slide with the words: Perhaps to everyone’s surprise, [green roofs] have turned into planning tools to help…

Extreme Artlantis Animation

by Tim Alatorre

Never content until I’ve reached the limits of possibility, I created this rendering as a way of testing more of Artlantis Studio’s capabilities. This is a simple animation of the SloArch logo but there is a lot going on in 34 seconds. The modeling was all done with SketchUp. As I did with my previous…