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End and Beginning: Thank You

by Tim Alatorre

With 2009 and this decade at an end I want to say thank you to all my readers, commenters, and supporters. When I launched this site on May 4th I had no idea of the global audience that I would stumble upon nor the learning experience that writing here would become. 2010 is going to see some…

Revit Families 102 – Revit Experts don’t Use Locks

by Tim Alatorre

In May I published my picks for Best Revit Blogs on the Web. Coming in at number 2 was The Revit Kid and Jeff’s Lock Noob Classic Thong. I still try to read everything Jeff writes but I thought I might stir up a little controversy and make the argument that, contrary to what the…

Revit Families 401 – Data Validation

by Tim Alatorre

As I mentioned in a follow up comment to Revit Families 103 – Formula Basics, Revit still doesn’t allow you to do data validation on values or formulas in families or on table data. Still, you can build some functionality into your families to ensure that a value never exceeds a specified range or create warnings for the user of your…

Building Code Nonsense: Accessible Showers

by Tim Alatorre

For those not familiar with it, the California Title 24 Building Standards Code consistes of 10 fairly hefty binders containing over 4,614 pages of small text. Part 1: Administrative Code (231 pages) Part 2: Building Code (2 Volumes, aprox. 1,600 pages) Part 3: Electrical Code (829 pages) Part 4: Mechanical Code (419 pages) Part 5:…