Archive for: August, 2009

TurboSquid Announces Autodesk Agreement

by Tim Alatorre

TurboSquid, the online digital content site issued an announcement this morning about a new deal with AutodeskĀ® making TurboSquid the exclusive marketplace provider for Autodesk Seek. Currently all the content on Seek is free. I have a couple of Revit families on TurboSquid but my sales have come nowhere close to compensating for the time and effort…

Comming Soon: Beginner’s Revit Tips!

by Tim Alatorre

I recently started a new project with a bay area Architect helping him complete a transition from an AutoCad work environment to BIM/Revit work flow. On the many recommendations from another Architect he made the brave leap to a platform that he had zero experience in. Due to the economic downturn he closed his office…

Google: A Window to Architectural Public Opinion?

by Tim Alatorre

Just out of curiosity yesterday I did a few generic Google searches to see what kinds of results would come up. First, I searched for “Architecture”. I was rather surprised by how uninspiring the links were. Do Google’s search results give us some insight into how the public perceives architecture? Does is show us where…