The Studio 2: Thank You China

by Tim Alatorre

Happy New Year! This is the first episode for 2010 and we are off to a great start. Special guest Elise Drakes, B’Arch ’06 Associate AIA, talkes about healthcare Architecture and the ACE Mentor Program. We discuss the rise of green buildings and the IDP program.

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Rapid Fire Questions:

Elise scores = 426,212 points

What’s Elise Up To?:

  • After graduation she started working with a multi-residential design firm
    • Two years ago she started working at Taylor in New Port Beach
  • Currently working towards licensure:
    • Going through IDP
    • Currently studying for Programming ARE
    • Licensure is a long process, it’s hard to find study time
  • Is Healthcare “insulated” from the current economic state?
    • Every Firm, regardless of the type of the work, has had to make those tough decisions
    • The uncertainty of Health Care Reform is causing hospitals to cut back on spending
  • Thoughts on Cal Poly grads out in the industry
    • LOVE Cal Poly!!
    • Cal Poly grads are “do-ers”
    • Architecture Program does a good job of integrating the many facets of our industry
    • It would have been nice to learn more about how to find the area of architecture you fit into and are passionate about
    • It’s sad to see students graduate and then not like what they are doing and leave the industry
    • Wishful thinking for more well rounded internships in different industry areas while being a student
    • While jobs are hard to find, don’t be discouraged if you can’t find a job in a firm, if you’re interested in Healthcare perhaps look to get a job related to nursing where you’ll be learning about the day to day operations of their work and operations
    • It could benefit students if a variety of internships were supported and suggested
  • Taylor supports a number of “extracuricular” activities

Elise Interviews Haley and Tim

  • Haley is involved with the AIA and NCARB and all grown up
  • Tim got stuck in the housing crash and doesn’t have to do the IDP

We get sidetracked and talk about the IDP

  • The IDP is a good idea, it empowers intern Architects

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