The Studio 22: The Chumash Show

by Tim Alatorre

Cal Poly superstar Barry Williams becomes the first faculty member to join us on the show. Barry has taught at Cal Poly for over 30 years and has been integral to the Chumash Show which is going on today!!

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Rapid Fire Questions:

  • Cal Poly or Berkeley? Cal Poly
  • Autocad or Revit? Revit
  • Parallel bar or T-Square? Parallel Bar
  • Facebook or LinkedIn? Neither
  • Arch Record, Arch Digest, or Architect? Architect
  • Drafting dots or tape? Dots
  • Yellow trace or white? Yellow
  • Ad Markers or Prisma? Ad Markers!
  • Pen or Pencil? Pen
  • Mac or PC? PC
  • What’s the Meaning of Life? Enjoyment

SCORE: 81,400,000 Highest Score Ever!


  • How did you get started in Architecture?
    • Wrote a paper in 8th grade about what he wanted to be when he grew up, he interviewed a family friend and it went from there
  • Graduated from Cal Poly in 1975
    • Started at Pasadena City College
    • At the time he thought he wouldn’t get into Cal Poly, plus it was a ‘cow-town’ at the time
  • What changes has he seen at Cal Poly from the time he was a student until now?
    • There were about half of the number of students there are now in the program
    • They had a smaller full time professor staff and more architects from around the world that taught for a few years and then moved on.
    • Having more full time staff adds more stability to the program.
    • We took far more engineering and physics classes in the 70’s.
    • NAAB adds additional pressure to today’s program
  • When did you start teaching at Cal Poly? How was the to teaching?
    • He started in 1979
    • He spent his last year of school in Spain, did some construction work in the bay area
    • Met his wife, a SLO native, in Spain and after coming back to visit he was offered the opportunity to teach
    • First class was a perspective class
    • In 1998 he went full time, previously he kept his own practice until recently he’s decided to sell his practice.
  • In 2002 he taught the Washington Alexandria program
    • Through Virginia Tech
    • There aren’t studios, any student can sign up for any professor
  • Being an “Entitled Lecturer” is the footing of the faculty
    • Decided not to become a full professor and hasn’t sought that since because he can come and go and pick the things he wants to do
  • How did you get involved with the Chumash Show?
    • It started as an idea 7 years ago to do a collective show with student work from all of the studios
    • From there, each year it’s built into something bigger and bigger
    • Every year it’s made possible through students volunteering
    • Plus each year, alumni and students that have been in past shows inquire and attend the show
    • The show costs about $10,000 to $13,000 to put on, it goes mainly to the reception for the food and everything
  • How do we donate?
    • Setting up the PayPal account wasn’t able to happen, but hopefully it will happen for next year
  • What advice would you give to graduating seniors?
    • Go to Grad School, given the current state of the economy.
    • If you can’t find a job in the field, find something but stay plugged in, take your AREs
    • There are tangent that you can find for the time being: graphics, marketing, publishing
  • What advice would you give to incoming freshman?
    • Read, be aware of what’s happening around you in architecture
    • Keep a sketchbook
    • Don’t take yourself too serious
    • Look around
  • What advice would you give to Haley? 🙂
    • Take your AREs!!!
  • What advice would you give to Tim!!
    • Congratulations!!


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