The Studio 55: The Gehry School of Unnecessary Architecture

by Tim Alatorre

The obsession over real estate prices, Frank Gehry, and really cool green stuff continues. Plus a rather disjointed tribute to Uncle Frank as Taliesin celebrates it’s 100th anniversary.
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  • We’re still looking for Assistant Producer
  • New store launched January. 50% of proceeds will go toward the new scholarship fund.

Cal Poly News

  • Hearst Lecture this Friday
    • Wolf Mangelsdorf: Buro Happold
    • Friday, January 14th, 2011 at 4:00pm
    • Business Rotunda (03-213)
  • Jim Bagnall, Jake Feldman, Art Chapman and Chuck Crotser are doing another series of 3 sketch workshops this quarter in the Berg Gallery.
    • Sunday, January 23 from 8am – noon
    • Sunday, February 6 from 8am – noon
    • Sunday, February 27 from 8am – noon

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