The Studio 57: Live From Philly

by Tim Alatorre

Teagan Andres is back with an update on her new life as a student and mechanical Reviteer. We say goodbye to an architectural legend and discuss the role of Architects in designing the nations future safety. Plus the most expensive parking garage ever!

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Show Notes

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Cal Poly News

  • Mel Ferris Scholarship Competition 1/27/11
    • Scott Gaudineer will be on campus on Thursday, January 27th, 2011 between 9am and 11am in 21-105B to present the Mel Ferris competition. As an alumnus tufiand member of the Board of Trustees of the California Architectural Foundation (CAF), Scott is committed in seeing many students apply to this prestigious competition and of course WIN
  • Hearst Lecture this Friday
    • Mia Lehrer: Mia Lehrer + Associatees
    • Friday, January 28th, 2011 at 4:00pm
    • Business Rotunda (03-213)
    • For additional information, visit Mia Lehrer’s web site.
  • Shout out Future Architects of America club.

Catching Up with Teagan (MIT ’08)

  • What you’ve been up to since last we talked? (theStudio: Episode 12)
    • Currently working in Philly
    • Working at a Mechanical Engineering firm as a Revit draftsperson
  • How is working for an Engineering firm?
    • It’s very efficient, like a 180 from working at an architecture firm
    • It’s more about the information
    • It’s like a puzzle trying to fix your system in the building designed by the architect
  • How’s grad school?
  • Licensing Goals?
    • Get licensed by 2013
    • Hoping to start up IDP hours again this spring
    • Goal to start taking exams after Grad school is done next year
  • What are you plans for the future?
    • Definitely get licensed then figure out what’s next
    • Maybe teaching, maybe historic preservation

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