The Studio 4: Air Filter Design

by Tim Alatorre

Special guest Brandon Lyon, B’Arch ’06, a freelance graphic designer, photographer, and web designer, joins us for a great conversation about using the Cal Poly Architecture program to learn more than just Architecture. See his work at

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“…as a profession, we know that once the humanitarian relief efforts are stabilized, the next phase of rebuilding begins…. Additionally, we are discussing ideas with Architecture for Humanity on how architects can provide on-the-ground design guidance in Haiti so local citizens can seek qualified counsel as they rebuild their homes, businesses, and lives.”

Rapid Fire Questions:

Brandon’s Score: Zero?


  • After graduation Brandon chose not to work in Architecture.
    • Limited number of Architecture positions on the Central Coast
    • No desire to go through the “three year hazing process” waiting to get to the design process
    • Found more jobs in the graphic design field than in the actual architecture field
    • Architecture can take years to see a project completed, while graphic design is more versitile and changing
    • Currently working in graphic Design, semi-related, but local in SLO which is where he wanted to stay
  • Cal Poly Architecture program taught about design in general, not just Architecture.
    • The program helps you develop a number of different skills
    • Keep your portfolio up to date
    • Try to get content for your portfolio out of every project and every class
    • Keeping track of your paper trail will lessen the load of compiling your portfolio later
    • Don’t be afraid to go back and complete or rework those pieces of work that you wished you could have finished in order to present them better and communicate your project intent further
    • Don’t throw away something just because a professor doesn’t like it
    • Keep design clippings and things you’re interested in to stay current in the design industry and stay passionate about design in general
  • The benefits of living in San Luis Obispo
  • What’s wrong with the Cal Poly Architecture program?
    • The program NOT requiring REVIT or CAD is a disadvantage for the student because it is something that will be required for you to know as an employee in the workforce

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