by Tim Alatorre

Don’t get me wrong, I love theStudio podcast, it’s a blast to do, our guests are awesome, and we need a venue to vent and discuss this amazing profession we are a part of. The only problem I have with theStudio is that it has taken over sloArch.com!

It takes a lot of work to produce the show every week and we don’t have much free time left for writing. Even if the blog remains all podcast all the time for the foreseeable future that’s okay. In the meantime we have added a couple new features to the site.


If you haven’t checked out the forums yet we set these up as a place for the Cal Poly Architecture community to talk about the things that matter to them.

Create an account, as a question or answer one. We monitor these forums closely and are more than happy to help.

Wiki beta

Just launching this week we’ve added a wiki to the site. Warning, this thing is very beta, it’s got a lot of kinks to work out, but we are so excited about it we decided to launch it anyway.

The goal for the wiki to to compile all the information known on the Cal Poly Architecture program. This is a huge goal but we are ready to give it a go.

It’s Up To You

As always the success of sloArch depends on the community. We are looking for contributing authors, guests for the podcast, and more! If you see something you would like to help with let us know!

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