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1st Annual sloArch Sketching Competition

by Tim Alatorre

We are now accepting entries for the 1st annual sloArch sketching competition! ~ Simply send us your favorite original sketch by November 19th and you could win one of our new architecture T-Shirts! The store won’t be opening until next year so you’ll be the first on the block with one of these awesome original…

Materials: Thank You, Wood

by Tim Alatorre

Thank You, Wood from Giant Ant Media on Vimeo. Wood is probably one of the most versatile building materials. We use it in every project: trusses, casework, furniture, plywood, paper, and cardboard. When is the last time you said thank you to such an amazing, useful, beautiful, and renewable resource?

Cal Poly Architecture Faculty Speak Out

by Tim Alatorre

We just found this video that was released in January by the Architecture Department. It features several Cal Poly Architecture faculty talking about why they love the program. The video features commentary from: Prof. Howard Weisenthal Prof. Chandrika Jaggia Prof. Emeritus Allan Cooper Prof. Margot McDonald Prof. Thomas Fowler, IV Prof. Tom di Santo Prof.…


by Tim Alatorre

Don’t get me wrong, I love theStudio podcast, it’s a blast to do, our guests are awesome, and we need a venue to vent and discuss this amazing profession we are a part of. The only problem I have with theStudio is that it has taken over! It takes a lot of work to produce the…

Watch out for Falling Power Saws

by Tim Alatorre has a new look! It’s still a little rough around the edges but we’re working as fast as we can to implement new and exciting features. While we finish the details, keep your hard hats on and forgive us for any minor problems.