The Studio 49: The Bestest Architect in the World

by Tim Alatorre

Announcing the first ever sloArch competition. School is out, a new president is on the way, the bestest architect became pop culture about five years ago, at least, and architects may unintentionally be in the lending business.

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  • All call for an Assistant Producer
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  • New Facebook Fans
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  • 1st Annual sloArch sketching competition
    • Submit to theStudio at by Midnight (pacific standard time) December 19th.

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Pop Arch

  • Frank Ghery on the Simpsons (Season 16, Episode 349, April 3, 2005)
    • The Seven-Beer Snitch
      • While on a family trip to Shelbyville, Marge is dismayed to see how Springfield residents are perceived as hicks in a production of “Song of Shelbyville.” At the next Springfield Cultural Activities Board meeting, Marge convinces the townspeople to fund a Frank Gehry designed concert hall, which goes bankrupt opening night. The ever generous Mr. Burns assumes the debt of the hall and turns it into The Montgomery Burns State Prison. When Mr. Burns pressures Chief Wiggum to increase capacity from 99% to 100% Homer finds himself imprisoned for kicking a can down the street 5 times in a row. Homer becomes a snitch after accidentally ratting on Snake during a breakout. Homer enjoys the benefits of snitch life until Fat Tony puts a mark on his head for selling out the mob. As president of the Activities Board, Marge uses her concert hall key to sneak into the prison and convince Homer that snitching is wrong. National Guardsman swoop in at the last moment to save the cornered couple and Homer decides to use his snitch powers for good by having the prison shutdown.
      • The_Seven -Beer_Snitch

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