The Studio 66: Pink Hardhats and Angry Birds

by Tim Alatorre

Hourig Ayanyan McCray, LEED AP, Assoc. AIA, B’Arch ‘06 gives Tim a reason to proclaim his love for angry birds. We talk about the role of women in architecture and the artificial leaf.

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Show Notes

Site News

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Cal Poly News

  • Chumash show website has been updated
  • Portfolio Workshop April 3rd-7th
    • Join Bryan Ridley, Cal Poly Architecture Department lecturer and local practitioner for a FREE five night workshop. Berg Gallery, 7-10pm. Space is limited, contact with your interest.
  • Evan Collins and Luke Durkin winners of the AIAS/VINYL competition
  • Hearst Lectures start again next Friday, April 8th
    • Andrew van Leeuwen and Kevin Eckert: Build LLC
    • 4:00pm. Business Rotunda (03-213)
  • IDP and Licensure Presentation, Monday April 4th, 6-7pm in the fish bowl gallery
  • FAA Historic Wineman Hotel Tour

COOOOL MOW (material of the week)

General News

Rapid Fire Questions:

  • Cal Poly or Berkeley? Cal Poly
  • Autocad or Revit? Revit
  • Parallel bar or T-Square? T-square
  • Facebook or LinkedIn? Facebook
  • Arch Record, Arch Digest, or Architect? Architect
  • Drafting dots or tape? Dots
  • Yellow trace or white? White
  • Ad Markers or Prisma? Prisma
  • Pen or Pencil? Pencil
  • Mac or PC? totally MAC!!
  • What’s the Meaning of Life? Stillness

SCORE: 3 angry birds (white bird, small blue bird, yellow bird)



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