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Architecture and Morality

by Justin Ribble

I don’t know about you, but now that I’ve been out of school a few years, I’m finding it increasingly more difficult to not get frustrated by endless stacks of RFI’s, tight budgets, or impossible project schedules. Sure these things are accepted parts of our profession, but at what point do you draw the line? …

Is My Degree Worthless?

by Haley Gipe

I received the email below last week and at first didn’t know how to respond. I finally responded as best I could and it turned into some sort of personal manifesto. In writing this I also felt a sense of renewed pride in what brings us into this crazy, sometimes frustrating, world of architecture. One thing we…

Disney Architecture

by Tim Alatorre

For many years now when I see a building that attempts to be something its not, or is outlandishly playful or misshapen I call it “Disney Architecture”. The term isn’t meant to be derogatory towards the architects Disney has employed over the years, including Michael Graves and Frank Gehry, but more a reflection on my own affinity for honest, practical design.…

Google: A Window to Architectural Public Opinion?

by Tim Alatorre

Just out of curiosity yesterday I did a few generic Google searches to see what kinds of results would come up. First, I searched for “Architecture”. I was rather surprised by how uninspiring the links were. Do Google’s search results give us some insight into how the public perceives architecture? Does is show us where…