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The Studio 48: Align the Grain

by Tim Alatorre

Chris Allen, B’Arch ’06, LEED AP, of CWA Studios fame, share how he started a successful furniture business and his plans for become a master builder. Buildings completed in six days and roads that practically pave themselves.

The Studio 40: The Master Builder

by Tim Alatorre

Lloyd Russell, AIA, (B’Arch ’91) talks about how he made the transition from student to teacher and architect to master builder. He talks about his design process and how he can design through construction without scaring his clients.

Executive Producer: Henri de Hahn

The Studio 28: Disconnected

by Tim Alatorre

Greg Wynn, Architect, Cal Poly Lecturer and Cal Poly Alumni teaches us a lot! We discuss how to be a successful Architect, Greg’s theory on life and throw in a story about Dean George Hasslein for good measure. We also talk about the alumni NAAB survey and saving La Sagrada Familia!

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Modern Spanish Construction: Part III

by Tim Alatorre

To finish out this series on Spanish construction methods I wanted to post a few more images. There are a number of typical things being done in this building. As is the case with most Spanish multi-story buildings, a series of concrete columns and beams are spanned with concrete joists and brick units to…