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The Studio 3: Our Profession is Crumbling Around Us

by Tim Alatorre

We are now on the official Cal Poly Architecture department webpage and we remember that the Burj Kalifa was “finished”.

Special guest Antonio Avila, B’Arch ’92 AIA LEED AP. joins us for a great conversation about the recession, the journey of the emerging professional, and how Cal Poly prepares you for entering the work force.

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Building Code Nonsense: Accessible Showers

by Tim Alatorre

For those not familiar with it, the California Title 24 Building Standards Code consistes of 10 fairly hefty binders containing over 4,614 pages of small text. Part 1: Administrative Code (231 pages) Part 2: Building Code (2 Volumes, aprox. 1,600 pages) Part 3: Electrical Code (829 pages) Part 4: Mechanical Code (419 pages) Part 5:…

Revit Mental Ray Renderings in Design Development

by Tim Alatorre

In the “old” days of architecture, the Architect, a skilled artist in his own right, would sketch a perspective view of a room or the building as a whole early on in design process. As the concepts and visions evolved these sketches were revised or redrawn numerous times. This combined with a mountain of floor…