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Revit Families 401 – Data Validation

by Tim Alatorre

As I mentioned in a follow up comment to Revit Families 103 – Formula Basics, Revit still doesn’t allow you to do data validation on values or formulas in families or on table data. Still, you can build some functionality into your families to ensure that a value never exceeds a specified range or create warnings for the user of your…

Revit Families 302 – Naming and Grouping Parameters

by Tim Alatorre

I started a post a couple weeks ago on tips for creating families in Revit but I didn’t get very far. Our friends over at Inside the Factory are more disciplined bloggers than I and beat me to it. Erik Egbertson put together a great post of Family Editor Tips. He talks about flexing a family, placing…

Revit Tip: Easy Wall Poche

by Tim Alatorre

This is the first of what is hopefully many more Revit Tips to come. Something that I’ve seen in some projects I’ve worked on lately is using filled regions to poché walls and floors in section views. DON’T DO THIS! Besides taking a large amount of time to initially create, filled regions are not going to…