Engineering Building IV

by Tim Alatorre

In the early years of our marriage my wife was baffled by my inexplicable behavior of stopping and taking pictures of cornices, paving patterns, or going out of my way to see a building. I think the behavior still confuses her but she’s learned that just like she slows down at the shoe store (which I have no interest in), I can’t pass by interesting construction.

Two years ago I was on the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo campus representing my firm at a job fair and I walked across campus with the sole purpose of taking photos of the then almost completed Engineerning IV building.

Although this happened a while ago I though I would post these pictures because you will notice that this building is currently featured as the banner for this website.

This building is very different in style from the other buildings on campus, but is consistent with the metel and paneled facades of the new engineering complex on this side of campus.

What do you think?

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