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Cal Poly CAED Alumni & Friends Reception

by Tim Alatorre

We won’t be recording a show tonight. Instead we will be recording live at the Cal Poly CAED reunion tomorrow night at Darden Architects in Fresno. Stop by and say hi! Cal Poly CAED Alumni & Friends Reception Thursday, April 26, 2012 from 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM (PT) Darden Architects, Fresno UPDATE 10:39pm The…

5th Annual Third Year “Best of Show”

by Tim Alatorre

The 5th annual third year “Best of Show” was held in the Fish Bowl Gallery on May 11th, 2011. Twenty Five of the best third year student projects were judged by Adriana Cuellar, Karen Lohrmann, Marcel Sanchez, and Enrico Como.

Professor Donna Duerk Celebrates 30 Years of Teaching

by Tim Alatorre

At 5:23 this afternoon Emeritus Professor Donna Duerk celebrated the close of her final quarter teaching at Cal Poly by slicing up a cake to share with her Arch 252 class. This quarter’s theme, “The Green Machine” started with a design for a moon base and concluded with the design of a sustainable mixed use…

sloArch Reports: Gallery Lab 40 Year Reunion

by Tim Alatorre

It was 1970, the United Sates invaded Cambodia, the Beatles disbanded, and 14 Cal Poly Architecture students flooded building 21’s courtyard. Cal Poly Architecture was very different in 1970. The College of Architecture and Environmental Design was still two years away from being officially organized and the School of Architecture was headed by George Hasslein, latter he…

LED Streetlights for Walnut Creek, Thanks to Federal Stimulus Funds?

by Tim Alatorre

Driving home tonight I noticed LED streetlights emitting a soft white glow over parts of Ygnacio Blvd, here in Walnut Creek. As of this evening the lights only extend the 3/4 mile stretch between N. Civic Dr. and Marchbanks Dr. and a couple random streetlights West of N. Civic Dr. and East of North Broadway.…