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We Want You!

by Tim Alatorre

Okay, I know, the graphic is way overused. But it’s true, We Want You for sloArch! As part of our 2010 initiative sloArch is expanding and we want your help. Yeah, yeah, I know. You are busy. But we hope to make this website the portal for all things Architecture and that means you. You…

End and Beginning: Thank You

by Tim Alatorre

With 2009 and this decade at an end I want to say thank you to all my readers, commenters, and supporters. When I launched this site on May 4th I had no idea of the global audience that I would stumble upon nor the learning experience that writing here would become. 2010 is going to see some…

A Little Green Humor

by Tim Alatorre

I was recently sent this cartoon via email. Unfortunately I have been unable to determine the source. Besides being funny, I thought the cartoon underscores the point that often our “green” and “sustainable” activities are merely moving the problem to someone else, not necessarily helping the planet our the community as a whole. For example,…

LEED Study Aids

by Tim Alatorre

A number of my colleges are cramming for the LEED exam. Now that LEED v3.0 is here I’m sure there are a number of people trying to sneak in under the old LEED v2.0 test. I thought I’d post a few of my favorite LEED study resources on the net. Even if you aren’t studying…

Artlantis Releases Revit 2010 Plugin

by Tim Alatorre

Great news! Artlantis anounced this morning the release of a beta export plug-in for Revit 2010 32bit and 64bit versions to Arlantis 2. The plugin is available from their download page. I will be installing it and giving it a test in the next hour or so. I’will post more later today.