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Extreme Artlantis Animation

by Tim Alatorre

Never content until I’ve reached the limits of possibility, I created this rendering as a way of testing more of Artlantis Studio’s capabilities. This is a simple animation of the SloArch logo but there is a lot going on in 34 seconds. The modeling was all done with SketchUp. As I did with my previous…

Artlantis Releases Revit 2010 Plugin

by Tim Alatorre

Great news! Artlantis anounced this morning the release of a beta export plug-in for Revit 2010 32bit and 64bit versions to Arlantis 2. The plugin is available from their download page. I will be installing it and giving it a test in the next hour or so. I’will post more later today.

Using Artlantis to Bring the ReZist-It Panel to Life.

by Tim Alatorre

Here is a short video of my first animation using the Artlantis software package to show how the ReZist-It panel system is assembled. The model geometry was created in Google Sketchup and each piece was imported individually and saved as an object. Each object was then individually placed and animated. Render time: 20:11:29 Frame count: 1050…