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Emc2 Architects releases Keynote Manager 7.1

by Tim Alatorre

(02/16/12 UPDATE: For aditional tips and tricks on keynotes check out Revit OpEd’s latest post Keynotes – Files, Tags and Legends) (04/03/11 UPDATE: Version 10.0 has been released. For the latest information visit the project homepage at Emc2 Architects released Version 7.1 of their Keynote Manager software last Wednesday. Keynotes in Revit are painful to…

Extreme Artlantis Animation

by Tim Alatorre

Never content until I’ve reached the limits of possibility, I created this rendering as a way of testing more of Artlantis Studio’s capabilities. This is a simple animation of the SloArch logo but there is a lot going on in 34 seconds. The modeling was all done with SketchUp. As I did with my previous…

Batch Rendering in Revit

by Tim Alatorre

One of the newest Revit blogs to hit the Internet is Buildz by Zack Kron. Zach does a really good job exploring the art of modeling complex parametric shapes in Revit. I love going to his site to see what interesting things he’s creating. A recent surprise on his blog, a few days ago, was…