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3d PDF’s Are Not Ready for Use with Revit

by Tim Alatorre

Just a quick note this morning to talk about Revit and creating 3d PDF files. As we move more and more to creating complete and accurate 3d models we really want an easy way to share these with our clients and consultants. Consultants are usually technologically savvy enough to open RVT, DWF, or DWG files but what…

Emc2 Architects releases Keynote Manager 7.1

by Tim Alatorre

(02/16/12 UPDATE: For aditional tips and tricks on keynotes check out Revit OpEd’s latest post Keynotes – Files, Tags and Legends) (04/03/11 UPDATE: Version 10.0 has been released. For the latest information visit the project homepage at Emc2 Architects released Version 7.1 of their Keynote Manager software last Wednesday. Keynotes in Revit are painful to…

Bring Your 3d Models to Life!

by Tim Alatorre

One feature of Autodesk’s Revit Architecture that I really have a lot of fun with is the ability to create fly/walkthrough animations. Revit’s built in Walkthrough tool allows you to create highly complex animations involving multiple key frames moving the camera path in three dimensions and is an excellent tool for exploring your models with…