The Studio 39: Like a Wildebeest

by Tim Alatorre

SPECIAL EDITION: We’re live at Week of Welcome and hear words of wisdom from Henri de Hahn, Josef Kasperovich and a dozen Architecture students. We discuss the role of photography and technology in Architecture.

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Show Notes

Round table discussion with:

  • Henri de Hahn, Department Head
    • What happened with the 5th year labs?
    • Cal Poly teaches the fundamentals
    • “Learn by Doing” is not dead but is up for a rethink
  • Josef Kasperovich, Lecturer
    • History of the Cal Poly Architecture photography program.
    • Hand drawing, photography, Photoshop… technology as a tool.
    • Taking in Architecture in smaller bites.
    • The history of wet pavement in architecture photography.
  • Sean Lahijani, Class of ’13
    • Computer programs are the pencil’s of today.
  • Carlos De Haro, Class of ’13
    • Cal Poly is small and clean, not like Long Beach.

Also, interviews with:

  • Lisa Snyder, Class 0f ’12 (Sequoia Hall)
  • Sheldon Eaton, Class of ’13 (WOW Leader at Cal Poly, Group 172!)

And lots of fun with the freshmen!!

  • Julien Stockwell, Lawrence, Kansas (WOW Group 172!)
  • Malina Moua, Pearl City, Hawaii (WOW Group 172!)
  • Parvathy Nair, San Jose, CA (WOW Group 172!)
  • Naab Heer, Kerman, CA (WOW Group 172!)
  • Victor Tang, San Jose, CA (WOW Group 172!)
  • Patty Hansen, Redding, CA
  • Elizabeth, Discovery Bay, CA (WOW Group 185!)
  • Riley Koon (WOW Group 189!)

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