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Comming Soon: Beginner’s Revit Tips!

by Tim Alatorre

I recently started a new project with a bay area Architect helping him complete a transition from an AutoCad work environment to BIM/Revit work flow. On the many recommendations from another Architect he made the brave leap to a platform that he had zero experience in. Due to the economic downturn he closed his office…

Batch Rendering in Revit

by Tim Alatorre

One of the newest Revit blogs to hit the Internet is Buildz by Zack Kron. Zach does a really good job exploring the art of modeling complex parametric shapes in Revit. I love going to his site to see what interesting things he’s creating. A recent surprise on his blog, a few days ago, was…

Bring Your 3d Models to Life!

by Tim Alatorre

One feature of Autodesk’s Revit Architecture that I really have a lot of fun with is the ability to create fly/walkthrough animations. Revit’s built in Walkthrough tool allows you to create highly complex animations involving multiple key frames moving the camera path in three dimensions and is an excellent tool for exploring your models with…