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C11: Datum, 8th Annual 5th Year Show

by Tim Alatorre

The 8th Annual 5th Year Architecture Show was held again on May 28th through the 30th. The annual show highlights the work of the 180 graduating architecture students. The show is a highlight for students, faculty, family, alumni, and friends of the college. We had a great time at the Chumash show this year. Here are the highlights. Photos…

Professor Donna Duerk Celebrates 30 Years of Teaching

by Tim Alatorre

At 5:23 this afternoon Emeritus Professor Donna Duerk celebrated the close of her final quarter teaching at Cal Poly by slicing up a cake to share with her Arch 252 class. This quarter’s theme, “The Green Machine” started with a design for a moon base and concluded with the design of a sustainable mixed use…