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The Studio 71: Diaper Moment Diagrams

by Tim Alatorre


Haley is back! Jared Kuykendall, B’Arch ’05, joins us for a rowdy episode that takes us from Pakistan to Minnesota, the IDP and dirty (chocolate filled) diapers.

The Studio 68: Towers, Trains, and Travel

by Tim Alatorre


MIT develops new stronger, longer lasting, “green” concrete that will last for 20,000 years and Saudi Arabia announced plans to build a mile high tower. Plus we sneak in another article about uncle Frank.

The Studio 67: It’s All Intertwined

by Tim Alatorre


Donna Duerk, Emeritus Architecture Professor, scuba diver, and space architecture expert, enlightens us authoring a textbook by committee, designing a moon base to learn sustainability, and outlines the amazing path her career has taken.

The Studio 55: The Gehry School of Unnecessary Architecture

by Tim Alatorre


The obsession over real estate prices, Frank Gehry, and really cool green stuff continues. Plus a rather disjointed tribute to Uncle Frank as Taliesin celebrates it’s 100th anniversary.